Gateway Area Development District is excited to announce a new partnership with Montgomery County 911 Dispatch. Effective July 1, 2019, Gateway Area Development District is responsible for new address assignments in Montgomery County and will be maintaining the mapping database that supports Montgomery County’s 911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

New Address Assignment Requests

Requests for new addresses in Montgomery County can be submitted through the online web form linked below or via phone by calling Jocelyn Gross at 606.780.0090. New address assignments may take up to three weeks to process.

Montgomery County Address Request Form


New Address Assignment Process

1. Complete the online Address Request Form or call Jocelyn Gross at 606.780.0090.

2. Provide property and location information for a new address assignment.

  • Requester’s Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Property Owner’s Name or PVA Parcel Number
  • Current Mailing Address
  • Road Name
  • Type of Address Requested (Single-Family Home, Apartments, Commercial Business, Industry, etc.)
  • Additional Location and Identifying Information

4. Gateway will begin processing the request once all contact and location information has been verified.

  • For existing roads, a new address street number will be calculated.
  • For new roads, Gateway will work with private road owners, the County Fiscal Court, the incorporated Cities, and the Montgomery County 911 Dispatch to identify an appropriate road name. Street address numbers will be assigned after the road name is approved by all parties.

5. Gateway will notify the Montgomery County PVA and the United States Postal Service of the new address assignment. Confirmation from the United States Postal Service must be received before the new address assignment can be released. 

6. After the United States Postal Services confirms the new address assignment is in the national database, Gateway will mail the new address and location map to the requester.


Other Address Services

Address searches for existing 911 addresses and/or confirmation letters for existing addresses may be requested using the online web form.