Geographic Information

The Gateway ADD GIS Department employs a variety of tools including computer-based spatial analysis software and industry standard Trimble GPS equipment to collect, archive, and display spatial data to assist state and local governments, local utilities, and private industries in planning and decision making. The department maintains local Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) water and wastewater data and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) road centerlines and planning data. How can the staff in the GIS department serve you? A brief description of GIS – and GPS – has been included because a basic understanding of its applications may help clarify the ways in which it could benefit your community or business.

What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems are “a computer based technology and methodology for collecting, managing, analyzing, modeling, and presenting geographic data for a wide range of applications.” [Bruce E. Davis, GIS: A Visual Approach] It utilizes computer hardware, software and skilled personnel to process geographically referenced data and produce topographic, thematic, and demographic maps and imagery.

What is GPS?

Originally developed for the U.S. Military, the Global Positioning System is a constellation of 24 satellites that communicate highly accurate location coordinates to a GPS receiver using trilateration. GPS can be used to collect data features as points, lines or polygons – the basic components of map symbology, which can then be converted into GIS data.


In addition to its current state and local contracts, GADD GIS Department offers customized data collection and mapping services for local entities including local governments, emergency services, planning commissions, schools, utility companies, private industries and public services. The department maintains an array of spatial databases including local, state, national and global statistics and imagery. This information can be produced in the form of charts, graphs and maps (digital and hardcopy).

  • Custom Mapping Projects
  • Demographic Data & Analysis
  • GPS Data Collection (Trimble Geo 7X)
  • Land Use Mapping
  • Large Format Printing & Scanning
  • Utility Mapping & Data Collection
  • Web Mapping
  • Zoning Mapping