Regional Transportation Committee

The Regional Transportation Committee (RTC) plays a critical role in the prioritization process as new projects are developed and existing ones evaluated and prioritized using criteria of regional significance.

The Regional Transportation Committee is composed of interested stakeholders in the regional who meet quarterly at the Gateway ADD office.

In addition to its prioritization and evaluation duties, the Committee is a forum to work together in solving regional transportation problems, act as an advocacy body on transportation issues, provide input for the Statewide Transportation Plan, and provide assistance to the ADD in its Annual Work Program.

Voting Members

  • Judge-Executive Forrest McKenzie

    Bath County Fiscal Court

  • Mayor Gary Hunt

    City of Owingsville

  • Mayor Deborah Cole

    City of Sharpsburgs

  • Mayor Bill Unchester

    City of Salt Lick

  • Judge-Executive Rick Stiltner

    Menifee County Fiscal Court

  • Mayor Edward Bryant

    City of Frenchburg

  • Judge-Executive Chris Haddix

    Montgomery County Fiscal Court

  • Mayor Al Botts

    City of Mount Sterling

  • Mayor Steven Barnes

    City of Jeffersonville

  • Mayor Clayton Neal

    City of Camargo

  • Judge-Executive Jim Gazay

    Morgan County Fiscal Court

  • Mayor Kyle Risner

    City of West Liberty

  • Judge-Executive Harry Clark

    Rowan County Fiscal Court

  • Mayor Laura White-Brown

    City of Morehead

  • Mayor Don Lamb

    City of Lakeview Heights

Advisory Members

  • Casey Smith

    KYTC District 7

  • Kelly Baker

    KYTC District 7

  • Blake Jones

    KYTC District 9

  • Matt Dillon

    KYTC District 9

  • Michael Reed

    KYTC District 9

  • Darrin Eldridge

    KYTC District 9

  • Steve Gunnell

    KYTC District 9

  • Darren Back

    KYTC District 10

  • Aric Skaggs

    KYTC District 10

  • Corbett Caudill

    KYTC District 10

  • Art Walker

    The Walker Company

  • Bob Helton

    MMRC-EDC Executive Director

  • David Rhodes

    The Walker Company