Transportation Program

In conjunction with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the ADD Regional Transportation Program coordinates the public review and input process for the Statewide Transportation Planning Process. This process was established to identify, evaluate and prioritize transportation needs for possible implementation in the future. The result is the Six year Road Highway and Unscheduled Needs List.

Through the Regional Transportation Program, the Transportation Cabinet and the ADDs have increased the opportunities for citizens and local officials to participate in the transportation planning process. The process encourages local leaders to think regionally and envision the future of Kentucky. The incorporation of this local input into the planning process reduces the impact on communities and aids in improving the efficiency of the State’s transportation network. The plans produced provide the State and Local governments with information that allows them to better plan for development and spending of dollars and provides information that can be used to access other Federal dollars when available.

The ADDs plan to continue to seek ways to incorporate additional local input into the transportation planning process in order to assess the impact and benefits of each potential transportation project. The Transportation Cabinet can then use this information to safely improve the flow of freight and people throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.