Water Management Council


WMC meeting on December 2, 2016








Established by KRS 151 and KRS 224A, the Council exists to coordinate water and wastewater system development statewide. Members include each county judge/executive, or his or her representative; one representative selected by each community public water and/or sewer system, as defined in 401 KAR 8:010 sec. 1(71)(a) that provides water and/or sewer service to persons in a city and/or county; one representative selected by a local health department in the county; and one representative selected by each city with a population equal to or greater than 1,000 based upon the most recent federal decennial census that is not a water supplier or distributor, unless that city chooses to be represented by another member of the planning council. Quarterly meetings give members the opportunity to coordinate plans and projects to avoid duplication of service, ensure consistency with local and regional land use plans, and promote cost-effectiveness.

Bath County Members

  • Forrest McKenzie

    Judge Executive, Fiscal Court

  • Gary Hunt

    Mayor, City of Owingsville

  • Sherri Greene

    Manager, Bath County Water District

  • Gayle Haney

    Manager, Sharpsburg Water District

  • Deborah Cole

    Mayor, City of Sharpsburg

Menifee County Members

  • Rick Stiltner

    Judge Executive, Fiscal Court

  • Edward Bryant

    Mayor, City of Frenchburg

  • Larry Workman

    Superintendent, CRWC

Montgomery County Members

  • Chris Haddix

    Judge Executive, Fiscal Court

  • Al Botts

    Mayor, City of Mount Sterling

  • Clayton Neal

    Mayor, City of Camargo

  • Brad Reed

    Manager, Mount Sterling Water & Sewer

  • Billy Ray Fawns

    Manager, Judy Water Association

  • Brenda Murphy

    Treasurer, Levee Road Water Association

  • Sandra Morton

    Office Manager, Water District No. 1

  • Rachel Cartmill

    Office Manager, Reid Village Water District

  • Buddy Wilson

    Environmentalist, Health Department

  • Nathan Meade

    Operator, City of Jeffersonville

  • Gary Deaton

    Plant Operator, Montgomery County Sanitation District No. 2

Morgan County Members

  • Jim Gazay

    Judge Executive, Fiscal Court

  • Kyle Risner

    Mayor, City of West Liberty

  • Shannon Elam

    General Manager, Morgan County Water District

Rowan County Members

  • Harry Clark

    Judge Executive, Fiscal Court

  • Laura White-Brown

    Mayor, City of Morehead

  • Holly McGrath-Rosas

    General Manager,
    Morehead Utility Plant Board

  • Jerry Patrick

    Manager, Rowan Water, Inc.

  • John Mahaney

    Manager, Morehead State University

Regional Member

  • Greg Brewer

    Executive Director, Gateway District Health Department