What We Do

Gateway Area Development District (GWADD) is a means by which local elected officials and citizens unite to provide for the planned growth of their area. Therefore, GWADD is a regional organization that assists in the formulation and implementation of human resource and infrastructure related plans.

It must be emphasized that the plans and recommendations made by an ADD represent professional advice only. GWADD is not a regulatory agency, nor do we have the power to force compliance with our plans. A good example of this role is the Kentucky Intergovernmental Review Process (KIRP). Established by Presidential order, this process requires most applications for Federal funding to be reviewed through a “single point of contact” in each state. In Kentucky, the Governor’s Office for Local Development contains that point of contact which seeks comments from the GWADD on projects affecting our respective areas. Federal agencies are required to take into account the advisory comments of state, regional, and local agencies before funding a given project.

In addition to its regional planning role, GWADD, through staff, provide technical and management assistance to local communities on a broad range of topics. To name but a few: help is given to local economic development agencies and to planning commissions; applications are prepared seeking funding for a wide variety of public projects; assistance is provided in meeting administrative requirements of various Federal and State programs; and public management assistance is rendered so that local governments may upgrade their levels of service.